1. Why can’t Friday just come.


  2. My new phone will probably arrive this Friday, BUT I SERIOUSLY CANNOT WAIT BECAUSE IT’S SO BEAUTIFULLLLLLLLL. Plus I do not have to live with my cracked 4-year-old 4th generation iPod touch any more. It’s a little sad that it’s not the m8 but I got it for cheaper with 32G memory! :)

  4. Q: Analyze your personality.

    "I’m lazy and impatient. I’m also surprisingly stubborn. Basically, I don’t compromise.”

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  5. I really really really want to cut my hair short and this hairstyle is sooo cute I want to cry.

    The problem is I don’t believe any hair-dresser is capable of bringing my hair to this perfection.


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  8. ladydiamondhoney:

    side dish of cloud5..but still yummy!!

    the cutest drummer i’ve ever known

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  9. ladydiamondhoney:

    fucking hot!!! cloud5 vocalist

    shark ep1