1. "I’ve been waiting for you…"

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  2. hijlkatas:

    Funeral for him

    RIP Obito


  3. hokagee:

    Obito’s character was made to show that no matter how alone you are, no matter how many mistakes you’ve made, you can redeem yourself, you can be happy again- yet you all mock naruto for calling him the coolest guy

  4. nagakonans:

    "the only thing i want
    is for you to be happy.”

    yahiko, nagato, konan

  5. I was waiting for you..it's ok.You always did your best.
    I've been watching you.

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  6. izayas:

    Get To Know Me: [3/5] Favorite Teams » Team 7

  7. Naruto,become Hokage.. at all costs.

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